Hello !

We are glad you’ve come looking for us here, and we hope it’s because you loved our work.

What does Brim mean anyway?

Well, here’s the story. We think that weddings are real life enactments of a movie. There is love, happiness, tears, joy, choreographed dance routines, costume changes, and perfect makeup.

We’ve never seen more emotions concentrated in one place – the glass is filled to the brim. 

Why us?

Choose us because you love our images. But also know that we take our craft seriously. We are professional photographers who went to photography school, learnt the art and put it to use. Our team has a combined experience of almost a decade in shooting architecture, food, fashion and portraiture. 

We've been put through the paces and bring this experience to our wedding imagery. So when that perfect shot comes together, we’ll be ready.

But it's more than just skill.

We love the wedding experience. 

We'll assure you that your eyeshadow is the perfect match. We'll agree with your mom when she tells us that she's never been happier. And when you run to us, hoping we captured that once in a lifetime moment when mom and dad danced like you've never seen before - know that we have it. ( Okay. It may seem like we turned up the sappiness, but it has all happened before).

For any queries, call us at +91 9884360688 or +91 9884282955

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